The Ecosa Institute

True sustainability requires a new level of thinking.

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The world is at a tipping point. After millions of years of complex adaptation the pristine, living tapestry of life on planet Earth is under assault. Massive human population is demanding more energy and resources but nature’s systems are limited. We quickly approach those limits with a future of unknown challenges. Yet the power of human creativity can be harnessed to move culture in a new direction. Ecosa is working to address the challenges of our time head-on using the power of creativity and design.

We offer in-depth, experiential immersion programs in which to explore the exciting challenge of bringing human activities into balance with the natural world. Ecosa uses real design projects with real clients to enhance the learning experience. By the end of the semester graduates develop design skills, have an overview of the field of regenerative ecological design, understand global challenges and create a portfolio that can be a foundation for a career.

Since 2000 the Ecosa Institute has advocated a radical departure from the traditional approach to teaching design. Ecosa is located in beautiful Prescott, Arizona, and offers semester long Certificate Programs and for-credit study in Regenerative Ecological Design (RE-Design). As a comprehensive overview to sustainable and ecological design, Ecosa’s four month program explores the many ways in which design can solve the environmental challenges of the 21st century.  Systems focus, architecture, planning, landscape architecture, industrial design, and other design-thinking disciplines are unique problem-solving tools that have the potential to create a healthy, just and sustainable world. We use nature as a model for our curriculum, therefore it is complex, recursive and diverse.