Our People Make the Difference

We believe in people and their inherent desire to create a better world.

people make the difference


Our faculty are people we have engaged with over the years of Ecosa’s history and they have proven the power of their ideas and the quality of their teaching. As part of our unique approach to education we bring more than 16 expert teachers to each Ecosa semester. Our faculty go beyond just lecturing and engage our students in both dialog and project based learning. The information you will receive in an Ecosa semester is immense and diverse and will be connected and related throughout the semester.

Guest Speakers

Also throughout the semester you will meet with visiting guest speakers who bring a rich, varied expertise, background, experiences and knowledge. Throughout the years we have attracted nationally known speakers to Ecosa. While each semester is different, every semester brings an outstanding guest speaker who you will learn from in both a formal and informal setting.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is essential to the mission and vision of Ecosa Institute. It is through their dedication and support of Ecosa that we have continued to grow.


And the reason we do all of this, our alumni are the ones out in the world making a difference. Check out our alumni spotlight and read more about why students are calling Ecosa a life changing experience.