One Semester Could Change Your Whole Career

“A whole new perspective on the world! I have a clearer understanding of the systems at work in our society today and the greater implications of all the variables at hand. I have gained more awareness of the complexities of the global challenges facing us today and for the first time, I now feel empowered to be able to tackle these problems and come up with possible solutions. The course was definitely a catalyst for my life and has impacted choices in my daily life as well as my career. ”

ecosa student 4“As an architecture student, my experience at Ecosa enriched my entire lifestyle by nurturing a more holistic approach to thinking and designing. I’m proud to say its the best experience I have had in education. The hands on study / projects with real clients is how education should be and all the guests were unbelievable.”

“Ecosa was an experience I’ll never forget. The other students, faculty, and projects ingrained in me a new, sustainable way of thinking about not only design, but how I live my everyday life.”

“I am deeply grateful for this experience. My only regret is that I didn’t do it earlier.”

ecosa student 3“Enlightening and challenging. A great social, emotional, mental and physical journey. Be prepared to explore the depths of your conscience and break the bonds of traditionalism.”

“I have tried to express how much I love Ecosa many times this semester, but I cant…I will tell people about it, but it will be almost impossible to explain the growth I have personally encountered.”

“Overall this was one of the most incredible, life-changing experiences I have ever participated in.”

“Thank you for creating this program – it was exactly what I needed at this point and I just hope so many more people get to experience Ecosa.”

“Ecosa is a magical place, where everybody fits in, no one is excluded, and one way or another everyone enjoys themselves. Not to mention, the faculty is wonderfully supportive and engaging. I can’t put into words how much I have enjoyed this experience. I am at this moment flooded with a world of emotion, and the end of this semester is breaking my heart and simultaneously blowing my mind.”

“Very vigorous, high expectations in a casual, humanized environment. The experience was wonderful…the semester is an exercise in beneficial overload.”

“The program exceeded anything I could have fathomed. The interdisciplinary, field study, guest lecture components gave a life to the program that can’t be found anywhere else.”

“I learned what people need vs. what they want. Also that ‘sustainability’ is not only about nature but also about human connections and relationships. Architecture is only a piece of the puzzle that can start the healing process that this world is in dire need of. Ecosa is the catalyst that gives you the power to put all of the pieces together.”

“I would say was is one of the best and most challenging experiences of my life.”

“One semester could change your life. And keep you laughing for days. And teach you how much excess we have in our everyday lives.”

ecosa student 5“I think the most important thing I learned was to question my education and bias. Architecture education is taught with little reference to site, context, people, and the environment. Until coming to Ecosa it seemed like ‘the right thing to do’ was to concentrate on the aesthetic, rather than these more responsible issues. After participating in Ecosa I will critique my projects more rigorously for sustainable strategies. Another highpoint in the program was the ability to learn from a variety of people with different backgrounds and experience. This opened my eyes to many issues that I have not thought of before attending Ecosa.”

“Ecosa proved to be an invaluable experience that I will continue to learn from for years to come.”

“…it’s the only school of its kind. I’ve come away with such a solid understanding of what I have yet to learn and the direction I need to take in order to grasp it.”

“Ecosa offers opportunities in ecological design in a small group setting and you simply cannot experience that anywhere else.”

ecosa student 1“I became aware that the way we live/think is a product of many decades of conditioning – and isn’t necessarily the ‘right’ way. It opened my eyes to the lack of responsibility people take for the Earth.”

“Ecosa was great – I’ve gone from a hazy idea of sustainability to a real grasp of the subject. I feel like I have building knowledge at my disposal and that I could design/build a project with any of the building systems we’ve learned. I’ve also learned to distinguish ‘sustainability’ for myself.”

“Ecosa is a vision which has manifested in people. Resourceful connections, information flows, and teaching activities provide a backdrop for real-life projects which push the boundaries of ecological design. Ecosa is this backdrop. You guys have done it: jump-started a cohesive curriculum to address the real issues of life as a human through design. Furthermore, inspiration and insights you give to students for people (for us!) to live, as an integral part of ecology is invaluable! I know that I will treasure the gift, and carry it with me. Thank you for pushing dreams into reality!”

“I learned about the importance of a deeper textural awareness of things, to be cognitively aware of your environment. That good design is not a tack on experience, but one which is inter-layered and integrated, each part or component operates in the context of the whole.”

ecosa student 6“Every step of the way I gained more and more. Past the second week was a continuous overload of information. Some things will hit me in a week and other things in a couple of months – but all was perfect for me, every step. It was a challenging, fun, and amazing experience.”

“I’ve gained a deep appreciation for the emulative design process and “deep” ways of seeing that are informed by as many perspectives as possible. From building systems to design philosophy, Ecosa has given me the tools and vision to engage critically with a world that needs ‘elegant solutions to a complex set of problems.'”